Pik Rite Videos

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HP 500 manure spreader with COMPOST BEATERS spreads turkey litter!

Pik Rite HP 500 manure spreader equipped with Compost PRO beaters spreading turkey litter.

Manure spreader on a TRUCK!! Dry chicken manure demonstration!

Dry chicken litter being spread through a 500 bushel truck-mounted Pik Rite HP 500T compost spreader.

Spreading compost turkey litter with a Pik Rite HP 500!

The Hydra-Pull spreaders can be equipped with vertical beaters or compost beaters. This demo shows compost beaters on the HP 500 spreading in mid March ...

Pik Rite spreading poultry litter and pen pack!

Demo spreading both poultry litter and pen pack through the Pik Rite HP 500T with the Compost Pro attachment.

Pik Rite Truck Mounted Spreader - Vertical Beaters

Demo of pen pack manure being spread by an HP 500T spreader. The HP 500T is a heavy duty truck mounted spreader equipped with versatile quick detach, ...

Punkin Chunkin with Pigs | Will It Spread It- pumpkin episode

Epic pumpkin destruction- no harmed pigs!

Pik Rite HP 380 spreading demo

This HP 380 does a great job breaking up heavy pen-pack and providing a wide and even spread pattern.

2017 Tomato Harvest

Late September 2017 tomato harvest in central PA. This is a 20-year-old Pik Rite 190 harvester. Includes slow-motion footage of the color sorter rejecting green ...

Pik Rite poultry litter spreader

Pik Rite Compost PRO attachment on an HP 880 spreading light, dry poultry litter.