795 Spinner Spreader

When you have the best equipment, businesses expect greatness.  And our Pik Rite 795 Spinner Spreader doesn’t disappoint!

Sporting a unique design utilizing hydraulic cylinders (as opposed to augers or apron chains), the 795 Spinner Spreader operates like a dream.  With fewer moving parts than its traditional spreader counterparts, the Spinner Spreader promises a long lifespan and fewer service needs beyond regular preventative maintenance.

The self-contained hydraulic system 795 Spinner Spreader also includes:

  • Stainless steel hydraulic tubing
  • Direct hydraulic drive
  • Horizontal spinner spreading
  • A single-wheel system
  • Positive unloading controlled feed system
  • Detachable spinner/beater panel

The Pik Rite 795 Spinner Spreader, with laminated floor panels, is ideal for poultry manure, saturated poultry manure, fly ash, wet lime and pen-packed manure.  Additionally, its 30-foot spread pattern keeps you efficiently moving along!

All Pik Rite spreaders can be ordered in one of four color choices; traditional green, industrial yellow, red or blue.

For more information or to purchase Pik Rite’s 795 Spinner Spreader, contact Pik Rite’s team at 800-326-9763 or sales@pikrite.com.