Pik Rite Compost PRO litter spreader! 

This new compost and poultry litter spreader system is specifically designed to spread light material in a wide and even pattern. The upper horizontal beaters break up clods and deliver a consistent flow to the large spinners which distribute the material evenly. This innovative compost shredding and spinner casting spreader excels at spreading poultry litter as well as fresh sawdust bedding indoors!

Features include

  • Direct drive beaters
  • Adjustable back panel to meter material flow (on HP models)
  • Quick detach capability

The innovative quick detach feature means that you can interchange the vertical beaters and the compost beaters on the same spreader depending on what you are spreading!

Beaters can be fit on the HR (2-stage hydraulic push off) or HP (heavy duty pintle chain) series spreaders providing versatility and maximizing your return on investment. Sizes range from 400 bushel to 1100 bushel. Call for availability.