Hoses & Fittings

Every day you pull a hose, connect fittings, pump a tank. Handling hoses and fittings quickly become second nature to the pumper operator. These tools that you use every day are the factors that make each pumping job a joy or a headache. Here are some considerations to make your daily tasks run more smoothly…. Read more »

Be sure to flush!

We all hope that our expensive equipment will last for a long time without breakdowns! Unfortunately, this rarely unintentionally happens! Careful maintenance is the only way to keep your vacuum pump running smoothly for the long haul. The flushing procedure is one of the maintenance items that needs your careful attention! Rotary vane vacuum pumps… Read more »

Vacuum pump drivelines

   Vacuum pump driveline failures usually involve lengthy downtimes and a big service bill. Broken keyways, gears, drive shaft or couplers can result from a variety of causes. Here are some considerations that may help you avoid the hassle. One of the most basic things that you can do to prevent premature failure of your… Read more »

Vacuum tank level indicator options and maintenance

Most pumper truck operators take pride in their school of hard knocks degree. One such hard knock is arriving at the pump site only to realize that your truck is just a little too full to completely the job. Now, unless it’s a 4:30 pm Friday job that caught you thinking about your favorite vacation… Read more »

How to maintain your vacuum tank manway

If it’s not broken don’t fix it! Some things are better left undisturbed. Your vacuum tank manway that hasn’t been opened in 10 years is probably one of those things. Some tank entrances, such as your larger rear vacuum tank manway, may need to be opened on a weekly basis for proper cleanout. Once you… Read more »