At Pik Rite, we know that you expect each harvest to be abundant, whether you’re growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers or carrots.


Spreading fertilizers to maximize harvest takes more than the right mix of materials and a special touch. It also requires technologically-advanced equipment.

Dump Bodies

No matter what you’re hauling, we have the right solution! Pik Rite dump bodies cover a wide range of sizes and models to fit all capacity and material needs.

Vacuum Tanks

Our philosophy is that whether you need a 300-gallon or a 5500-gallon tank, we will always focus on delivering the right type of vacuum tank…without fail.

Debris Collectors

The Pik Rite debris collector boasts innovative features like an internal hydraulic compactor to increase capacity and provide easy unloading.

Parts & Service

Custom-fabricated or off-the-shelf, when professionals around the globe need replacement parts or upgrades, they turn to Pik Rite.


Save yourself the long lead times. Take home Pik Rite equipment today!

Porta Potty Hauling Trailers

Transport Porta Potties efficiently with Pik Rite's well-built hauling trailers, featuring a smart, strap-free design. Trailers convert to flat beds with ease for more versatility.

Culture Items

The values that drive our success.