Move vines easily and without damaging crops with the innovative Pik Rite 6200 Vine Diverter

The Pik Rite 6200 Vine Diverter enables you to efficiently:

  • relocate fruit and vines from one row to an adjoining row
  • reduce the number of trips required by your harvester

When you invest in a Pik Rite 6200 Vine Diverter, you’re investing in products from a company that’s serious about your success and provides you with the outcomes you need to get ahead in business.

All exclusively-designed Pik Rite vine diverting equipment has been carefully manufactured to be completely self-contained with a 2-point full-swing hitch and an embedded PTO-driven hydraulic system. The disc header cuts the vine and gently lifts fruit onto the cross-conveyor. The cross-conveyor then transfers the crops to double-up rows.

Pik Rite’s 6200 Vine Diverter offers technologically-advanced features and options, including:

  • a reversible cross-conveyor, which allows the user to place the row being moved onto the adjacent row on the left side, or cross as many as three rows using the telescoping unloading conveyor on the machine’s right side
  • electro-hydraulic controls
  • operating speeds of approximately 3-6 MPH
  • ability to be used with a 70-80 HP tractor

For more information or to purchase the Pik Rite 6200, please contact Pik Rite’s team at 800-326-9763 or