When you need a commercial-grade portable toilet service unit, including slide-ins, Pik Rite has the right equipment to get the job done quickly, cost effectively and hygienically.

Pik Rite routinely works with businesses like yours that require trustworthy commercial waste handling equipment to haul septic waste from restrooms and port-a-potties, grease from restaurants and industrial companies and waste from oilfield pumpers.

Our portable restroom service units provide unmatched quality, efficiency and affordability. Guaranteed.

Pik Rite’s tanks in this category come in two styles:

Portable Restroom Service Units

With a handy work station, toolboxes on both sides, and a superior water pump system, Pik Rite’s portable toilet service units are available in single or dual service versions. Its two-carrier toilet rack with spring assist and epoxy-coated fresh water tank minimizes the risk of spillage. Equipped with 2″ bucket quick-fill, work lights and LED lighting throughout, it’s the only portable toilet service unit you’ll need.

Self-Contained Slide-Ins

If you’re in the market for a self-contained slide-in portable restroom service unit, Pik Rite is ready to perform. You’ll appreciate the various vacuum and pressure pumps as well as engine systems that Pik Rite has available for you.

Our slide-in units can be made in either steel or aluminum configurations. You then have the option of going with a fresh water compartment or a non-fresh water compartment. The fresh water compartment includes a 12-volt wash-down pump while the non-fresh water compartment is designed with dome heads for added strength.

For more information on Pik Rite’s portable toilet service units, contact our team of experts today at 800-326-9763 or sales@pikrite.com.