HP 500

This 500 bushel spreader comes with a metering guillotine end gate and options for either vertical beaters (pen pack and heavy material) or the new Compost PRO unit (poultry litter and lighter dry material)!

•Vertical beaters shred heavy material and provide a wide and consistent spread pattern
•Compost beaters spread light material in a wide pattern at a controlled rate
•Adjustable apron speed (0-16 ft. per min.)
•Heavy duty walking beams
•Road safety and field work lights
•10,000 lb. side wind jack w/ safety chain
•Robust pintle chain rated up to 60,000 lbs
•Spring loaded take-up bearings allow for chain flex without damage
Operator Friendly
•All bearings have easy access grease fitting banks
•Sloped sides allow for easier loading
•Hydraulic metering end gate contains free flowing material
•Available in traditional green, industrial yellow, red or blue

Features Include:

• 500 bushel capacity
• Direct drive beater system
• Heavy duty pintle chain
• Metering guillotine endgate
• Quick detach beaters
(interchangeable for compost or vertical beaters)
• Weigh scale installation ready
• Flared sides with optional side extensions
• Clutch protected drivelines (slip/over-run)
Proudly made in the USA!