The 240 has been engineered to provide you with equipment that will harvest 60-70 tons of tomatoes per hour.

For more information or to purchase the Pik Rite 240 Tomato Harvester, please contact Pik Rite’s team at 800-326-9763 or

This tomato harvester is built with a number of features, including:

  • 40″ electronic color sorter
  • 26″ discharge elevator
  • goose neck hitch
  • gearbox-mounted dual-hydraulic pumps
  • disk header pick-up with gathering chains
  • disk reversing controls
  • dual-automatic header height control
  • powered dirt vibrator on header chain
  • bar cleaners (for header, transfer and cross chains)
  • header vine assist
  • dual forced balance shaker system
  • fully lit work area
  • cool, white sun/rain canopy (with header side dust curtain)
  • vine chopper
  • large single flotation tires
  • auto leveling
  • remote flow controls for operator ease