Tangled vines should never get in the way of maximum crop recovery. That’s why Pik Rite developed its first vine windrower in 1994 and has become the leader in this advanced technology.

With the Pik Rite Vine Windrower, you can:

  • open a starting track through your field
  • vine train your entire acreage

The end result is easier harvesting and higher crop recovery.

The Pik Rite Vine Windrower is powered by your tractor’s hydraulic system (minimum 10 GPM flow), eliminating the need for an additional auxiliary pump.

What makes Pik Rite’s 2000 Vine Windrower the only choice for those serious about recouping the maximum crops possible?

  • Built on a toolbar, the Pik Rite 2000 works with any vine-based crop.
  • The Pik Rite 2000 is independently adjustable to account for any variety of row spaces and track widths up to 72″.
  • The vertically-running belted chain allows the vine windrower to gently move fruit and vines.
  • Manufactured with adjustable speeds (typically between 2-5 MPH), the Pik Rite Vine Windrower can be synchronized to ground speed, avoiding costly vine or fruit damage.

As is the case with all Pik Rite equipment, the 2000 Vine Windrower offers technologically-advanced features and options, including:

  • toolbar construction
  • mountable unit base
  • front axle, 1300 pound load capability
  • height-adjustable electro-hydraulic controls (great for hillsides or uneven rows)
  • ability to tilt left/right and up/down using an operator-controlled box

For more information or to purchase the Pik Rite 2000 Vine Windrower, please contact Pik Rite’s team at 800-326-9763 or sales@pikrite.com.