You’ve invested in your carrot crop, so make sure you obtain a maximum yield with the Pik Rite 8020 Carrot Harvester.

Pik Rite’s model enables you to easily and efficiently get the highest possible return on your carrot harvest, even if your terrain is challenging.

The 8020 Carrot Harvester has a 36″ cleaning table and 32″ discharge. It also contains features and options not found on similar equipment, including:

  • goose neck hitch
  • automatic header height control
  • row guidance
  • powered points
  • powered dirt vibrator
  • crowning unit
  • 2 row head with 30″ to 36″ row spacing
  • 3 row head with17″ to 30″ row spacing
  • Hedge Hog dirt removal system
  • hydraulic flow controls
Take your carrot harvesting to the next level and reap the rewards of becoming a Pik Rite customer today.


For more information or to purchase the Pik Rite 8020 Carrot Harvester, please contact Pik Rite’s team at 800-326-9763 or