Dependable narrow application manure spreader that can tackle tracks as little as 80 inches wide! The Pik Rite 490V vineyard spreader uses trusted Hydra-Ram technology.

Designed with your narrow pattern requirements in mind, the 490V allows you to efficiently spread free-flowing material while protecting vines during the process. With constant velocity PTO, the 490V exemplifies Pik Rite’s promise to provide customers with the highest-quality tailor-made products for their particular needs.

The two-beater Hydra-Ram 490V spreader can also be equipped with a slide/pusher extension upgrade to 325 bu.

All Pik Rite spreaders can be ordered in one of four color choices; traditional green, industrial yellow, red or blue.

For more information or to purchase the Pik Rite 490V, contact Pik Rite’s team at 800-326-9763 or

Pik Rite uses several unique design elements to ensure that the Hydra-Ram 490V performs above and beyond expectations, including:

  • Hydraulic cylinders that push off the load (instead of augers or apron chains).
  • Limited moving parts to prolong life and lessen servicing.
  • poly-laminate floor and side panels
  • Tires mounted underneath the 490V to protect vines.
  • End-gate unit to ensure material does not fall out accidentally.
  • Row shield, directing material onto the rows while guarding delicate vines.
  • Safety tow chain.