Dump Bodies

Blue Truck             Heavy Duty
Red Truck             Ultra Light
Aluminum Body              Aluminum





No matter what you’re hauling, we have the right solution! Pik Rite dump bodies cover a wide range of sizes and models to fit all capacity and material needs.

  1. Heavy Duty Series
    This crossmemberless series features 1/4” Hardox sides & floor making it perfect for construction, excavation, demolition and high stress applications. Floor plate thickness ranges from 1/4″ to 5/16″.
  2. Ultra Light Series
    This body is the best combination of lightweight and strength.  3/16″ Hardox sides & floor provide abrasion resistance in a lighter, crossover series. Crossmemberless design adds to the unique styling of the body.
  3. Aluminum Series
    This light body is 100% constructed from high grade aluminum and extrusions! With optional floor and side thicknesses it is perfect for agricultural use, as well as hauling coal, sand, and finer aggregates.

Debris Collectors

Pik Rite Debris Collectors are ideal for municipal leaf and debris collection.

Debris Collector
Pik Rite leaf vacuum
Pik Rite Leaf compacter

The Pik Rite debris collector boasts innovative features like an internal hydraulic compactor to increase capacity and provide easy unloading. Single operator function with in-cab joystick controls maximize safety and efficiency. The three axis hose boom is fully automated. Standard chassis mounts or hook lift roll-off options available.

  • 19 cubic yard capacity
  • 1/4″ steel construction
  • 3″ steel channel supports
  • 10′ long 18″ diameter hose
  • Standard LED lighting (FMVSS 108 Compliant)
  • Front and Rear Strobes
  • Customizable additional lighting available

Engineered for the Most Demanding Work

Pik Rite equipment is built to handle the heavy duty jobs:

Municipal, Construction, Mining, Excavation, Agriculture and more!
Designed for maximum strength and durability, these bodies are built to work the way you work!