The Lobdell’s – Averill Park Septic Service – Averill Park, NY

We’re very happy with the quality & top-notch service provided by Pik Rite. Whether you’re looking to purchase a vacuum truck or a dump truck, you can’t beat the craftsmanship and detail. We’re very particular about how our equipment looks and operates, and everyone from Pik Rite was and is extremely patient and accommodating. The… Read more »

MJ DuBois, Dealer – DuCo, LLC. – Nokomis, FL

I have been buying Pik Rite vacuum tank units for over a decade for deliveries all over the world.  As a distributor of vacuum equipment, I have a choice of products to represent.  I will continue to choose Pik Rite.  I can count on their sales, engineering, and aftermarket teams without hesitation. They have consistently… Read more »

Dwight Woelkers – Clemens Septic, Telford, PA

In dealing with many vendors over the past 20 years, I have found Pik Rite knows customer service better than anyone.  Starting with the greeting on the phone, the sales department,  the parts, and production departments all have been superior in making my experience with Pik Rite one I am well pleased with. I have… Read more »

Dave Hapchuk – Hapchuk, Inc., Washington, PA

Pik Rite first built a vacuum tank for us back in 2015. Since then, we’ve been back for about a dozen truck bodies and trailers. We really take pride in our equipment, so quality is important to us. The people at Pik Rite take the time to understand our particular requirements and deliver trucks that… Read more »

Mike Robinson, Dealer – Hunter Truck Sales – Clearfield, PA

When looking for vendors to partner with we favor those who have a commitment to; producing high-quality products, flexibility in design and custom fabrication, meeting scheduled manufacturing times, and reliable after-sales customer support.  Pik-Rite checks all of those boxes.

John Beasley – Honorable Discharge Portable Latrines

[Our ten place toilet trailer was] delivered and got the paperwork in the mail via FedEx, everything is good to go!  [I] appreciate the help with everything and I’ll let you know when we’re ready for a bigger trailer in a year or two!  Thank you!

Theodore Posey, Owner/Operator – Orangeville, PA

My name is Theodore Posey and I’ve been an owner-operator since 1998.  I made the transition from tractor-trailer to triaxle 2 years ago.   I purchased a used truck in need of a new dump body.   I read reviews, talked with seasoned dump truck drivers, and compared prices.   Armed with what I learned and my desire… Read more »

Jerry Blake, Dealer – TSI Tank Services, Inc. – Cranston, RI

TSI Tank Services, Inc. has partnered with Pik Rite, Inc. for more than 12 years on new tanks, parts and install services. The relationship has always been of a partnership and friendship which allows us to distribute the highest quality products supplied by Pik Rite, Inc while working with friends.

Scott Rhoads, Stoystown PA

“We have been very impressed with our Hydra-Pull 1880VB spreader from Pik Rite! We spread a heavy duty lime bio solids material so initially I was very skeptical until we spread our first load! The spreader was able to break up the chunky material and gave us a perfect spread pattern. It also saves us… Read more »

Dan Mussleman, Bethel PA

“I really like the design changes on the new Hydra-Ram HR 400. The quick detach beaters are very handy, and I see improved cleanout with the contoured push panel. We spread corn fodder bedding (pen pack) and the HR 400 shreds it and spreads it so evenly on the field that we can follow it… Read more »

Daryl Alger, Lebanon PA

“My Pik Rite spreader is built for a farmer’s use! I love the strength and durability of the Hydra-Pull 1880VB. We stockpile poultry litter in a field and I never have to worry about picking up frozen or chunky material. The spreader shreds the chunky material and applies the material in a uniform application. It… Read more »

Capewide Enterprises, LLC.

As you will see in this 1 minute 35 second video, a new Pik Rite vacuum tank enabled Capewide Enterprises, LLC., to pump between six and nine septic tanks per day in two to three tank loads. Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying.

Dwight Hess, Lancaster, PA

Purchasing a piece of equipment is a major expense so I looked at a lot of equipment and features before I bought the Hydra-Ram 1190VB and I’m glad I did. Now I spend less time on field preparation because it breaks up the toughest packed material in a uniform, even spread pattern making it a… Read more »

Ed McGuire, EJM Energy Service, Rome, PA

I’ve been in the Septic business for 45 years.  When I started out I used to run my vacuum right off the engine.  Since then, I purchased tanks from all over. After I bought my first Pik Rite truck, they called me to see how things were going and how the truck was working.  You… Read more »

Harvey Martin, Martins Produce, Lewisburg, PA

The Hydra-Ram spreaders don’t take a lot of power.  This spreader has a rate low enough to spread chicken manure with an even pattern.  And it spreads wider than a beater type spreader. We used it to spread lime which was less dust than a fan type spreader.  The dust was less for chicken manure… Read more »

Joan and Steve Smith, Smith Septic Service, Hanover, PA

We recently purchased our 11th truck from Pik Rite.  We met the guys from Pik Rite at the Pumper show in Nashville.  After talking to just about every pump truck manufacturer and comparing all their products, we went with Pik Rite because they were very interested in designing and building a truck that works the… Read more »

John Hummel, Hummel Land & Cattle

We spread 600 to 700 acres of beef manure, chicken litter and turkey manure.  The 1190VB does a nice even job spreading and it’s a reliable machine. We’ve used just about every spreader you could think of.  We’ve used several beater spreaders and other types of spreaders. With the Pik Rite machines, we like the… Read more »

John Simon, Clear Creek Environmental, New Waterford, OH

We really like the air ride suspension. The advantage is you don’t have to bounce as much. The tank sits lower and the center of gravity is lower on Pik Rite’s compared to the other ones we have. We also like that the trays on the side are only chest high. You can walk up… Read more »

Jon Blomgren, JRT Repair, LTD, Rock Rapids, IA

The top three benefits of the Pik Rite spreader to me are the simplicity of design, few moving parts and the spread pattern. We do strip-till without a disk so when we spread we’re going to be planting right into what we spread, so a good spread is important.  The 1190VB exceeded my expectations. We… Read more »

Mike Thornton, Martin’s Sanitation Service, Paris, KY

Over the years we’ve used numerous vacuum trucks by other manufacturers.  We’ve learned from trial and error where weak points are on these trucks.  We need a truck that’s not only user-friendly but built for durability. Pik Rite isn’t building standard manufactured trucks.  They build more of an owner/operator truck.  Our requirements are different from most people… Read more »

Nathan Jennings, Canton, PA – Owner of our first trailer.

I wanted a custom trailer and I wanted it big.  One of the features I like is the catch pan in the back to catch water.  We came up with that design idea together as well as change a few other things.  I like the looks of the hose trays.  Also, there’s no rust like… Read more »

Randy Lohr, Mifflinburg, PA

I’ve used other types of spinner spreaders and side slingers, but the Hydra-Ram has by far the most even spread. Our Hydra-Ram spreader is able to spread poultry litter and lime an even 15-20ft. wide with less need to overlap as with other spinner spreaders.

Scott McCrea, Dynamic Structures Inc., New Waterford, OH

I own the company but I don’t drive the vehicles. I’ve dealt with Pik Rite since day one and they’ve been very cordial and easy to work with. We customized our trailers slightly to our liking and Pik Rite was very, very easy to work with on that. Hands down, we love the Pik Rite… Read more »

Steve Chieffo, All American Septic Service, Douglesville, PA

I have three Pik Rite tanks and I’ve never really had any problems.  When I did have some minor issues they addressed and corrected them to my satisfaction. I’m very particular about how things are manufactured and when I toured their plant I noticed all the parts being put together very neatly.  They weren’t just… Read more »

Zach Alger, AAA Farming, Lebanon, PA

This spring we had 500 tons of chicken manure that had been completely saturated with rain water.  Our box spreader just dumped the manure out in a mat and our litter spreader would have plugged up right away. We used a Hydra-Ram spreader to spread this difficult wet manure and the spreader put down an… Read more »

Pete Stoltzfus, Clay Knob Organic Farm

Rugged, well designed and versatile.  Dry chicken manure or bedded pack, this spreader does an exceptional job. Where it really shines is wet poultry manure, the material other spreaders can’t handle.  I even spread 120 tons of lime. I like the single axle flotation tires which equal a tighter turning radius.

Chris Ulrich, Ulrich Farms, Lycoming County, PA

The Hydra-Ram spreader was able to break up and spread a wet, sticky layer of chicken manure evenly and accurately at low rates from two to four tons per acre.  We used the Hydra-Ram spreader to spread some barnyard pack that contained un-chopped baled cornstalk bedding.  It completely shredded it up and spread an entire… Read more »