Toolbox configuration and efficiency

truck mounted toolboxesPumper truck operators understand the constant pressure of getting a septic tank pumped, putting the hoses and tools away, wrapping up details with the customer and getting on down the road to the next job site. A little attention to detail throughout this ritual can make a considerable difference. Likewise, a rushed and inconsistent workflow can be a nightmare when it comes to safety and efficiency! The job always goes faster when the truck is organized and the tools are always in the right place. Among your most important tools, don’t forget the value of a well-organized toolbox! They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but what they have in common is disorganization and the tendency to become all inclusive junk compartments. Among the stress saving benefits of a well- organized toolbox are these considerations:

• Safety: Operating consistently prevents errors that could be dangerous. Always using a tool in the same sequence and returning it to the same location helps your work flow become faster, safer and more efficient. Well-organized toolbox space eliminates storing items in the cab of your vehicle which can present a dangerous distraction while driving.

• Tool protection: As the cost of tools rise, protecting your investment is a serious consideration. Everyone can identify with the familiar frustration of buying another tool because you can’t find the ones you know you already have somewhere. Toolboxes provide safe storage for valuable parts and accessories needed throughout your working day. Door latches with locks provide security and accessibility. Various mechanisms for door stops include chains, cables, and gas assist shocks. Commercial grade gaskets provide weather tight seals to keep equipment and parts clean during storage.

• Operator friendly: If you do not have enough toolbox space, consider installing a new toolbox configuration. Many options include steel, aluminum and stainless steel, with single or multiple compartments. Horizontal and vertical styles with drop-down doors and barn door lids are also available. Mounting options include under tray mounts for smaller sized toolboxes and frame mounting for larger high capacity toolboxes. Others include bumper mount and in-tray mount, depending on space restrictions and desired locations for ease of access.

The job routine can be performed faster and with much less frustration when the truck is organized and the tools are always in the right place. Maintaining your toolboxes will provide a safe working environment for employees and provide a positive image to your customers.

Submitted by the Pik Rite Team

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