A vacuum pump rebuild kit can make pump rebuilds much easier

Vacuum pump rebuild kit

A vacuum pump rebuild kit can make daunting vacuum pump service projects much easier. The temptation is to ignore your vacuum pump until it fails.  Vacuum pumps are the heart of the liquid waste transport vehicle. Often they seem to work tirelessly with little or no maintenance. However, an ounce of prevention may reveal a significant problem just before it costs a pound of cure!

The rotary vane vacuum pump is a workhorse machine that is fairly simple and very dependable. However the internal moving parts are all subject to wear. You probably will not notice decreased performance until it is too late to avoid costly repairs. A vacuum pump rebuild kit contains components you need to keep your vacuum pump in peak condition. Once a year it is a good idea to take an extra close look at these components on your pump. Every pump manufacturer varies in their approach to pump wear parts. Some pumps have small ports allowing you to easily measure vane wear. Others require removal of the housing cover which also allows you to examine for rotor contact and check the gaskets and bearings. Provided that nothing is wrong, removal of the housing cover and re-assembly is a relatively uncomplicated procedure with a good owner’s manual for reference.

The parts most likely to need replacement are the rotary vanes. The vanes are designed to slide in and out with each rotation of the pump. As the vanes wear down they are more susceptible to breaking. A broken vane can jam between the rotor and pump housing causing pump failure and possibly a cracked housing. Remove the old vanes when they begin to de-laminate or show significant wear. A generous application of lubricating oil will help the new vanes from your vacuum pump rebuild kit slide in easily. This maintenance procedure will save you a lot of costly down time in the event of a broken vane and subsequent cracked housing!

Other parts that may require attention are the seals, gaskets and o-rings. These parts are included in a vacuum pump rebuild kit from Pik Rite, Inc. or individually from the pump manufacturer. A vacuum pump rebuild kit is a good items to keep in stock in your facility. Having the full set of needed parts will minimize the amount of time and frustration involved in a quick vacuum pump rebuild. Individual parts are also available to make your daily routine easier. Even seemingly insignificant things like a stiff or broken pump valve handle can be easily replaced in your shop. Any extra care that you give your pump in house will save costly repair bills incurred by a lack of maintenance.
Remember, your pump may not complain about worn parts until they break! You won’t know the problem exists until you go looking for it. Keeping a good supply of pump replacement parts or a vacuum pump rebuild kit will save you time and frustration when you perform regular maintenance checks. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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