Product Comparison

 HR 550
Capacity550 Bushels
Struck Level ASAE S324.1435 cu. ft.
Heaped ASAE S324.1604 cu. ft.
Load carrying capacity16.6 tons
Loading height87 in.
Inside width of box71 in.
Depth of box56.75 in.
Overall width w/ truck tires (tire size)130 in
Overall width w/flotation tires (tire size)135 in
Top of moving panel97.5 in
Top of beaters112 in.
Overall length28 ft. 6 in.
Face of moving panel to beater centerline16 ft. 4 in.
Number of beaters2
Beater speed420 RPM
Fan diameter34.6 in.
Number of paddles on beaters64
Tractor PTO HP (min. recommended)150 HP
Number of unloading speedsInfinite from
0-16 ft. per min.
PTO speed1000
PTO shaft diameter1-3/8 in./
(1-3/4 in.)
Number of end gate cylindersTwo
Tare weight12,420 lbs (W/425 tires)