Frame Mount

This live hose reel holds 100 feet of 2-inch hose; connected to pressure and vacuum at all times. It carries material through the entire hose whether it’s spooled or not. You can save time and effort spent carrying hoses on long-run jobs with this reel. Simply grab the hose and run, then re-spool it using the electric rewind system mounted under the hose tray. You already work hard, so let your truck carry some of the load for you!

Bumper Mount

This hose reel can store up to 200 feet of 3-inch hose. It’s equipped with a programmable remote for those long-distance runs, so you can control both the valves and the pump at the pump site. Just grab the end of the hose, pull out the length you need, couple the hose to the tank valve and start pumping! When you’re done, reconnect the hose to the spool, and wind it up with the the convenience of a remote control. You’ll be surprised how much time you save when you don’t have to walk back to the truck.

Programmable Remotes

Our wireless remotes are capable of handling the hose reel for convenient control from a distance.

They can be programmed with truck rpm, air valves, pto engage, work lights, tank level, vacuum and pressure controls.

With a range of 200 feet, you’re able use all your controls right at the pump sight. Remote technology saves you steps, time and money!

Price Information

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