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When was Pik Rite founded?

Pik Rite was founded in 1986 by Elvin Stolzfus and Joe Yoder. Both men had diverse farming and welding backgrounds.

What does Pik Rite manufacture?

Pik Rite designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality vegetable harvesting equipment, manure spreaders, commercial waste handling tanks and dump bodies.

Pik Rite’s tomato and vegetable harvesters are considered the leaders of the industry throughout the Midwest and eastern sections of North America, Ontario, Canada as well as across the globe.

Where is Pik Rite located?

Pik Rite is located in the beautiful mountains of central Pennsylvania, easily accessible to a variety of interstate highways and a regional airport.

How many individuals work at Pik Rite?

Today, approximately 70 individuals are employed by Pik Rite.

How large is the Pik Rite facility?

The Pik Rite manufacturing facility is 33,000 square feet; the office space is an additional 2,700 square feet.

Does Pik Rite have any patented equipment?

Yes. Pik Rite holds a patent for a Double Brush Shaker System that was originally built and modified between 1983 and 1986. Its Hydra-Ram Manure Spreader is patent-pending.

Does Pik Rite export its equipment to other countries?

Yes. Pik Rite exports to North America, Canada, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Turkey, Spain, Germany, and many other worldwide locations. In fact, the only continent that has not used Pik Rite is Antarctica! (We’d love to change that fact, though.)

Has Pik Rite received any awards?

Pik Rite has been recognized and honored by many industry entities. The company was also presented with the state’s Agribusiness Achievement Award by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1997).

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