Dave Hapchuk – Hapchuk, Inc., Washington, PA

Pik Rite first built a vacuum tank for us back in 2015. Since then, we’ve been back for about a dozen truck bodies and trailers. We really take pride in our equipment, so quality is important to us. The people at Pik Rite take the time to understand our particular requirements and deliver trucks that meet our needs for functionality and aesthetics. We’ve been very satisfied with the level of craftsmanship Pik Rite continues to provide.


This isn’t to say that every project has gone without a flaw. Everyone is entitled to spill a glass of milk. It’s all about how you dry it up. Pik Rite dries the spilled milk. They are understanding when issues arise and resolve them in an effective and timely manner. As a customer, you know that Pik Rite cares about your success.