Ed McGuire, EJM Energy Service, Rome, PA

I’ve been in the Septic business for 45 years.  When I started out I used to run my vacuum right off the engine.  Since then, I purchased tanks from all over.

After I bought my first Pik Rite truck, they called me to see how things were going and how the truck was working.  You just don’t get that kind of service much these days.  Most companies I’ve worked with, once they make the sale, if you have a problem you can’t get ahold of them for love or money.  With Pik Rite, when I needed parts or supplies, the parts were available and they shipped them right away.

Pik Rite is a class act.  I’d recommend them to anyone who wants a well-built piece of equipment.  ~~ Ed McGuire, EJM Energy Service (former owner of McGuire’s Septic Service), Rome, PA