Jon Blomgren, JRT Repair, LTD, Rock Rapids, IA

The top three benefits of the Pik Rite spreader to me are the simplicity of design, few moving parts and the spread pattern.

We do strip-till without a disk so when we spread we’re going to be planting right into what we spread, so a good spread is important.  The 1190VB exceeded my expectations.

We have some neighbors with competitor spreaders, and we think the Pik Rite spreader does a better job than the others.  I had never physically seen the spreader so I was a little leery investing in this spreader without even seeing one.  I was going to fly in to Lewisburg and it was getting late in the year and I said, “You know what, we’re just going to buy one.”  I went through with the purchase sight unseen and never went to look at it.  So when we unloaded it off the truck, we all just kinda sat there with our jaw on the ground.  Everyone was impressed with it.  We’ve hauled at least a couple hundred loads with this Pik Rite spreader and we’ve had nothing, not one issue with it.

I still question the guys at Pik Rite about the size of the spreader.  They say it’s a 550 bushel but I think it’s a bigger spreader than that.  I was more excited about this piece of farm equipment than any other one we bought.