Mike Thornton, Martin’s Sanitation Service, Paris, KY

Over the years we’ve used numerous vacuum trucks by other manufacturers.  We’ve learned from trial and error where weak points are on these trucks.  We need a truck that’s not only user-friendly but built for durability.

Pik Rite isn’t building standard manufactured trucks.  They build more of an owner/operator truck.  Our requirements are different from most people in the sanitation business.  We want our trucks to stand out and have a distinct look.  Pik Rite was eager to work with us and give us what we were looking for.

In this day and age with all the complexities of doing business, this was one of the easiest transactions that we have had.  Pik Rite made this a very enjoyable experience for Martin’s Sanitation Service.  We are proud owners of one Pik Rite truck and are in the process of purchasing our second vacuum truck from them.   ~~Mike Thornton, Martin’s Sanitation Service, Paris KY