Scott McCrea, Dynamic Structures Inc., New Waterford, OH

I own the company but I don’t drive the vehicles. I’ve dealt with Pik Rite since day one and they’ve been very cordial and easy to work with. We customized our trailers slightly to our liking and Pik Rite was very, very easy to work with on that. Hands down, we love the Pik Rite trailers over the other brands we’re running.

Our image is everything to us. We like to keep our rigs shined and polished and cleaned. So we like the fact that supports are on the inside of the trailer rather than the outside. We use metallic blue paint and the tanks are lettered up like billboards. It keeps the trailer nice looking, sleek and very attractive going down the road. And that’s part of our image, everybody’s real picky about their image and how their equipment looks. Right up to the producers. They keep their rigs shined and polished and cleaned. And we have the same type of following. That’s the thing with  your trailers, they are very, very attractive.

We like the way everything is set up. All the hose trays are low in comparison to a lot of other trailer manufacturers. The guys, especially the one’s that are vertically challenged, love that. It’s easier to see into the hose tray compared to other trailers. Six, eight or ten inches makes a big difference.