Steve Chieffo, All American Septic Service, Douglesville, PA

I have three Pik Rite tanks and I’ve never really had any problems.  When I did have some minor issues they addressed and corrected them to my satisfaction.

I’m very particular about how things are manufactured and when I toured their plant I noticed all the parts being put together very neatly.  They weren’t just slapping these trucks together.

The engineered drawings they provided with detailed measurements and all the fine details told me they knew what they were doing when it comes to building these trucks.

Most of all they didn’t act like used car sales people.  If they could accommodate me they did and were very clear that they could.  However, if there was something that they couldn’t do, they were up front and clear about that too.  ~~ Steve Chieffo,  All American Septic Service, Douglesville, PA