Theodore Posey, Owner/Operator – Orangeville, PA

My name is Theodore Posey and I’ve been an owner-operator since 1998.  I made the transition from tractor-trailer to triaxle 2 years ago.   I purchased a used truck in need of a new dump body.   I read reviews, talked with seasoned dump truck drivers, and compared prices.   Armed with what I learned and my desire to buy American made products,  I decided to tour Pik Rite’s facility in Lewisburg.   Anyone who understands quality workmanship will be sold on their first visit.   I placed an order for a custom body including temp holes, asphalt tarp, hydraulic lift gate, coal shute, customized adjustable apron, heated body, vibrator, and additional angled plating in the corners to prevent material hang-ups all with 1/4 inch hardox.  They met every challenge and produced a box only 300lbs heavier than the Ox body they removed!  My first load was R7 rock and not a dent.  I haul everything and anything from demo concrete to wet concrete slurry.  There were a few small adjustments to make but they handled everything no questions asked and welcomed feedback to fine-tune an already outstanding product.  I would recommend them to anyone who can’t afford downtime due to shoddy workmanship.