Mechanically harvesting peppers with a Pik Rite harvester.

  Mechanically harvesting peppers can add value to your operation. It is a safer, more efficient and more predictable way to harvest your crop in a timely manner. When using a machine you’ll be able to assess your production capacity allowing the grower and the processor to plan accordingly. It also brings a level of assurance to the… Read more »

Hoses & Fittings

Every day you pull a hose, connect fittings, pump a tank. Handling hoses and fittings quickly become second nature to the pumper operator. These tools that you use every day are the factors that make each pumping job a joy or a headache. Here are some considerations to make your daily tasks run more smoothly…. Read more »

Be sure to flush!

We all hope that our expensive equipment will last for a long time without breakdowns! Unfortunately, this rarely unintentionally happens! Careful maintenance is the only way to keep your vacuum pump running smoothly for the long haul. The flushing procedure is one of the maintenance items that needs your careful attention! Rotary vane vacuum pumps… Read more »