Broken Couplers

Equipment breaks! That’s a quick lesson from the school of hard knocks. However vacuum tanks are set up with a variety of protection components to take the sting out of your repair bill. The coupler between your gearbox and vacuum pump is one of these components. Couplers take the stress every time you engage the… Read more »

A closed subject…Valves

Some things in life do not get a lot of attention until they break! If you’re like most busy pumpers, you probably haven’t given your tank valves much thought over the holiday season. However, there are some options that will come in handy if you are fixing a broken valve or compiling your new tank… Read more »

10% Discount on new valves!

We’re wrapping up the holiday rush and finally getting back into a normal schedule again. Now is a great time to look over your truck and make sure things are ready for the new year. For the entire month of January we are offering a 10% discount on the order of any valves! (Lever, butterfly,… Read more »

Man the Pump!

   The driver was unsure what had happened. He had depressed the clutch on his pumper truck and switched on the PTO, but when he released the clutch to engage the vacuum pump the truck nearly stalled. “It’s broke…” he simply reported after pulling it into the shop. Vacuum pumps are the heart of a… Read more »