10% Discount on a new vacuum pump!

One of the most important parts of your business is your vacuum pump. If your vacuum pump is down, your truck is disabled, and your business is losing money. This month, get a back-up pump or replace an older one to limit your down time in the future. During the month of December get a 10% discount on… Read more »

Your Primary Concern

Primary sale

  Whether you’re pulling the pumper rig back into the home parking lot after a long day or just starting the engine on a cool morning, it always brings a good feeling to know that your primary and secondary’s have been inspected and maintained. Primary and secondary shut off valves are easily dismissed as having… Read more »

Toolbox configuration and efficiency

truck mounted toolboxes

Pumper truck operators understand the constant pressure of getting a septic tank pumped, putting the hoses and tools away, wrapping up details with the customer and getting on down the road to the next job site. A little attention to detail throughout this ritual can make a considerable difference. Likewise, a rushed and inconsistent workflow… Read more »

Pik Rite Debris Collector

Debris Collector

The Pik Rite Debris Collector is engineered for municipalities and townships. Optimizing the time and safety of the operator, this unit allows for safe and efficient debris collection. The hydraulic compactor increases carrying capacity and ensures easy unloading through the full open door. Call for more details! 800-326-9763 Debris Collector Brochure         … Read more »