Torque Converter Eliminates Damaging Shock from PTO Engagement

Torque Converter

Torque Converter

Problem: On a day-to-day basis, it is becoming more and more difficult to find drivers that are able to operate standard transmissions versus automatic transmissions. In addition, it is also not ideal to switch to hydraulic drive systems due to the expense. When engaging the PTO with an automatic transmission, damage can occur to the gearbox and coupler because of the harsh start-up. Not only does this create expense for replacement parts, it also adds to the expense because of downtime.

Solution: A torque converter was developed that is installed on the input of the right angle gearbox drive. This converter acts as a clutch and eliminates the shock load between the gearbox and the coupler while still allowing you to operate an automatic transmission. It softly starts the blower versus a more harsh, abrupt method. Pik Rite has packages available for both Robuschi and NVE blowers.

Results: By using the torque converter, the potential of damage to your transmission, gearbox, couplers or blower system is greatly reduced which in turn reduces the amount of downtime. The safer start allows you to continue to use automatic transmissions which means more drivers can operate your equipment with ease. There is no need to switch transmissions, when you can add the converter and function safely and efficiently.

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Pik Rite 1880 Hydra-Ram Manure Spreader

Using hydraulic push technology, Pik Rite Hydra-Ram Spreaders are known to have the most efficient delivery system on the market.

1880 Hydra-Ram Prototype

1880 Hydra-Ram Prototype

In keeping with demand, we have stepped up in a BIG way.  Our newest push style is in the development stages with a working prototype that hit the ground running in March 2014.  It’s over 1.5 times larger than our 1190 and can easily devour all of your high production needs.

The customers talked and we listened with many of the following features being driven by your feedback!

1880 Hydra-Ram Prototype

1880 Hydra-Ram Prototype


1880 Hydra-Ram Features

  • Quick detach beaters for stock piling or silage transport
  • Excellent clean out = less material that could fall off during road travel
  • 700/40-22.5 high flotation tires = less soil compaction
  • Centralized grease locations for easy routine maintenance
  • Direct drive beater system =  no unnecessary high maintenance roller chains
  • Rotating hitch with Bull Pull™ or clevis hook up
  • Smooth consistent push for quicker and more even unloading
  • Adjustable spread pattern and width for different materials
  • Nutrient management weigh scale options
  • Less maintenance over chain spreaders
  • Compact push-off cylinder design reduces overall length of the machine
  • 880 bushel heaped capacity
  • Made in the USA

Price and production schedule coming soon!



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The Versatile Hydra-Ram Spreaders by Pik Rite

Pik Rite Hydra-Ram Spreaders with hydra-push technology are known to be the most efficient delivery system on the market.

Our push technology allows you to unload material faster than auger or side-sling machines.

Simplify Your Operation

When you own a Hydra-Ram you can take maximum advantage of this versatile machine.  You won’t need to have two or more spreaders in the shed to get the job done.  And, you won’t have to contract the work to someone else.

Hydra-Ram 790VB In Action

Take a look at this recent video of the Pik Rite 790VB as it applies lime to the field.  See how this innovative design delivers the load to the beaters at an even and controlled speed.

Hydra-Ram Spreaders Handle the Job

Pik Rite Spreaders are built to work the way you work!

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The Hydra-Ram line covers a wide range of sizes and models to fit any capacity and application need, from the small family farm to the largest livestock operations.

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New Vacuum Tank Delivers Productivity, Reliability!

When Rich Capen and Joao Junqueira, owners of Capewide Enterprises, LLC., needed a new vacuum truck for their septic business, they turned to Pik Rite, Inc.

Capewide Vacuum Tank 02

Capewide, located in Mashpee, MA, had been using a 2500 gallon GMC Topkick that served them well for years.  But this old truck was an aging workhorse that just couldn’t keep up with increasing demand.

Built to Work the Way You Work

Capewide met with Pik Rite tank specialists at the 2012 Pumper Show in Indianapolis, IN, to discuss specifications.

Capen said they wanted a truck that worked for their crew, the way they work.  So Pik Rite went to work to design and build a brand new, 3600 gallon vacuum tank mounted on a 2013 Peterbilt that is reliable and ready to go to work when they need it.

New Vacuum Tank

Increase Reliability & Productivity

In addition to reliability, Capewide’s goal for the new unit was to increase productivity to meet increasing demand.

Pik Rite Tank Logo 2013

As you will see in this 1 minute 35 second video, the new vacuum truck enabled Capewide to pump between six and nine septic tanks per day in two to three tank loads.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying.


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